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Underground Automatic Systems for Swing Gates

Valuable gates very often require "invisible" automatic systems to avoid altering their aesthetic appearance. The range of underground systems has been designed with such needs in mind and is ideal for insertion under existing paving, especially when this is of high artistic value, due to its compact dimensions and the flexibility of the two solutions available.

Cubic 110° - Cubic 180°
Underground automatic system for existing swing gate with opening angle of 110° or 180°

The DU.IT14N/DU.350N underground-geared motors are "invisibly" housed beneath the gate leaf, along the axis of the hinge, and are designed to move all types of leaves, even heavy or large ones. As they are non-reversible they require a release system, which may be installed on the gate leaf or at a distance, through a special key-handle release. Versions are available that use a 230V AC power supply, for frequent use or a 230V power supply with a 24V DC to the motor and auxiliary circuits through a control panel, for intensive use.  All versions come with battery back-up; also with an optional control of gates via a remote control system; and other options.

Automatic Systems for Sliding Gates

Sliding gates represent a case requiring very compact motorized systems that are easy to install, reliable and also good-looking. Their automation requires flexible geared motors able to cope with various sized gates, different intensities of use, changing environmental situations, whilst always guaranteeing maximum conditions of safety, practicality and reliable operation. The BULL range is capable of satisfying all these requirements with various models, all of which are irreversible, with a manual release system protected by a key lock.

BULL Series
Automatic system for already existing sliding gates weighing between 300Kg - 3000Kg

The BULL range is composed of truly innovative geared motors for frequent or intensive use with a built-in control panel. They are distinguished by numerous features: automatic control of the stroke by means of an "encoder", without an end-of-stroke device, that searches for and controls the slowing down of the stroke at the stops. ODS device with adjustable sensitivity, that detects the presence of obstacles along the stroke of the gate; the MPS device that starts up the motor at maximum power in order to overcome any friction caused by ice or sand and the RF force regulator designed to ensure an optimal thrust value within certain suitable safety values. All versions come with battery back-up; also with an optional control of gates via a remote control system; and other options.

Automatic Sliding Door
Automatic Swing Gate
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